what i’m into [jan/feb 2019]

what i’m into [jan/feb 2019]


These past few months have been packed. I mean, there was that backlog due to my reluctance in publishing my last post on singleness and so, my list for this “what I’m into” just kept building up. But, I did want to share the books/articles that I’ve been musing on since the start of 2019, so here’s what made the shortlist (in shortened form, because it’s 10:30p.m. and I really need to get to bed):


The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris – 5 stars: Norris’ reflections on a year of living in a monastery. I meditated and mused on this during the long plane trip to China and all the train rides in between – so good.

Did I kiss marriage goodbye by Carolyn McCulley – 5 stars: Many of my thoughts on singleness (in the last post) stemmed from some of her insights. If you’re single (and even if you’re not), highly recommend.

In search of meaning by Alastair McGrath – 5 stars: McGrath is an atheist-turned-believer who writes with philosophical depth and scientific precision on the intersection of faith and science.

How we die by Sherman Nuland – 4.5 stars: Winner of the National Book Award, it is a surgeon’s methodical approach to a topic we normally shy away from – death. A sobering read.

At the helm by Kathy Barker – 4.5 stars: Written for young faculty, Barker addresses all the major considerations for anyone wanting to start up their own lab, from recruiting good students to applying successfully for grants. It’s Academia week right now at McGill – thought I would get a headstart 😉

Finding our way again by Brian McLaren – 4 stars. I read “A Sacred Year” by Michael Yankoski last year, which was about similar themes (spiritual disciplines, returning to the ancient practices of contemplative prayer, solitude, Sabbath etc.) so it wasn’t brand new, but still a good reminder on how we can ground ourselves in the ordinary practices of the everyday.

Jesus through middle eastern eyes by Kenneth Bailey – (Stars TBD): I’ve only just started this book (it’s a thick one) but I’m so excited for it. It puts Jesus’ parables and miracles into the context it’s supposed to be read in, bringing new light to stories we’ve read many times over.


Time for Happiness – A Nahrie-curated article from the Harvard Business Review on the trade-off between time and money for happiness

Millenials Burnout – My sis forwarded this one on to me in trying to explain why she gets so tired of little tasks that build up.

Make your life fantastic by Bakadesuyo – the main thing I got from this article was his commentary on social media and relationships

A guide to your library by Verity Varee – on how to curate your own library

Cultivating creativity and curiosity with STEM – why we need both artists and scientists

Saving our Science by BrainPickings – I used to read BrainPickings religiously, but have fallen off the bandwagon. But in thinking about how we do science, I came across this article and loved its musings on the “Janusian approach” and the ability to embrace the unknown.

How some men are challenging gender inequity in the lab by Nature


Living Hope by Phil Wickham

Here Again by Elevation Worship

Nothing Else by Cody Carnes

Whole Heart by Hillsong Worship

Unknown by Mosaic Worship



I’ve struggled long and hard with many, many (too many) bad sourdough recipes that have left me with loafs as hard as a brick but that I’ve had to eat because I made it (and you can never waste something you put so much time/energy into!) But I finally watched this youtube video on sourdough that I followed diligently and produced my first beautiful loaf! 😀

Vegan cornbread with aquafaba

I’ve been experimenting a bit with aquafaba (the vegan aquafaba macarons I made did NOT work at all – flattened out to almond crisps!) but this recipe turned out well!

Vegan falafel

Vegan dumplings

Taught the Jewish family (with 2 adopted Chinese girls) how to make this recipe for Chinese New Year

Vegan brownies

From Minimalist Baker, my ultimate vegan cooking/baking resource. Just 4 ingredients and a delicious moist brownie – my mom couldn’t stop eating it when she was over helping me clean 😛

Grateful for…

The bench scraper and silicone loaf pans I got for myself as a birthday gift (hence my sourdough craze lately – and the beautiful loaf shown below which was baked thanks to my equipment, shown in the background)


Mom and Dad visiting me!

Quality time with baby Hazel while her parents were out at a birthday party


My first post on Gradlife McGill: my PhD, a mountain – written from a year back, but decided to publish it anyways

The ability to sleep because it’s 11:16p.m. and my body’s telling me it’s time to shut down. 🙂 So good night everyone – have fun reading and enjoying the tidbits of my life <3



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