reducing the gospel, by Nish Weiseth

reducing the gospel, by Nish Weiseth

if there is no room for nuance, there is no room for being human

-Nish Weiseth

In thinking about living missional, I came across Nish Weiseth’s writing on culture, politics and faith. how we bridge the gap, step over boundaries and connect with what means to be human.

My pastor gave a sermon this past Sunday on homosexuality and the church. How it is dividing the church when we (both the church, and the non-churched) make it the focus. When it really isn’t.

It really is about the gospel, about Jesus. And people are more than their sexuality.

So, it got me thinking – about how the gospel is relevant to this culture, and how our homework as believers is to break down the walls between the two and show people who they are, and how their story fits in with that of the gospel.

This is my addendum (and continuing thoughts) on living missional:

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