what I’m into [october 2017]

what I’m into [october 2017]

I’ve been so blessed by Sarah Bessey. I fell in love with her writing but then she introduced me to a whole other world of faith-filled writers creating beauty in their respective spaces through her “what I’m into” posts.

Today, I’m returning the favor and starting my own ‘what I’m into’ so you can be connected with my network of music, podcasts, articles and more 🙂 Also, linking up to Leigh Kramer’s “What I’m Into”!


  1. The Bible Project :
    I’ve always wanted to go to seminary, so naturally I love that this podcast brings seminary to you. They have series on Hebrew words, themes in the Bible, and whole book summaries. I am currently listening to their series on the theme of justice in the Bible #sogood.
  2. On Being by Krista Tippett: 
    This past week’s interview was with Atul Gawande, a surgeon who writes on being mortal and how accepting dying helps us to do better living.
  3. Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields:
    On how we live the good life, with interesting “science riffs” (updates on what science says about the good life)
  4. Knowing Faith by the Village Church:
    I love stuff coming out from this church as they tackle issues confronting a millennial trying to live out an authentic faith. This podcast goes over the basics of Christianity, and I love going back over the basics.


  1. Nautilus: What Boredom does to you
  2. Ruminate Magazine: Writing in an Age of Doubt
  3. BrainPickings: Bertrand Russell on Education and the Good Life
  4. Jerusalem Jackson Greer: The Spiritual Practice of Being Present


  1. Cover of “So Will I (100 Billion X)” by Ascent Project
  2. “Into the Deep” by Citipointe Live
  3. “You will Always Be” by Highlands Worship
  4. “Homme de Douleurs” by Axe 21
    Falling in love with French worship, this cover of “Man of Sorrows” is done by a band associated with my church and I’ve been listening on repeat.
  5. “One Eyed Cat” by Jenn and Tyler
    A super cute song written by this couple on the little sacrifices you make when you fall in love 🙂


  1. Something Borrowed
    Watched this movie when Leah came to stay and the emotional tension is amazing. I was gripping her arm at some points, yelling at my screen at others. Great romantic comedy for a girls’ night in 🙂
  2. Chef’s Table
    Starting to watch food documentaries on Netflix, and just watched this one episode on a Korean monk who sees cooking as a means of communication and spiritual connection. Her food philosophy is intriguing, and the shots of the Korean side dishes + fermented kimchi fresh from earthenware pots (mmm…)
  3. Friends
    Such a classic, but I had never watched it. Now it’s one episode a night before bed. Still in the rooting for Ross-and-Rachel stage.


Avocado Brownies
I love anything chocolate. I also love avocado, so when I had two avocados in my fridge going soft, I baked them in brownies for a healthy twist. Soft, fudgy and moist, full of healthy fat!
Red Lentil Coconut Curry
The $5 I spent on my slow cooker at a garage sale was probably the best $5 I ever spent. Literally dumped all the ingredients in the slow cooker, slept on it, and woke up to freshly-made, steaming-hot curry in the morning. I also made so much that it is feeding me over the span of two weeks 😛
Pork Bulgogi 
This weekend was an experiment in Korean cooking. I had my Korean friend come over, and after several stops to our Asian food store, finally collated all the items needed for soondoobu chigae, pork bulgogi and homemade kimchi!


What I’m Learning

  1. How to use MIDI and Logic when I play the keyboard for worship.
    After years of playing, only now I’m learning how to mix sounds and that with a computer and Logic connected to the keyboard, you can sound like anything! Quite cool.
  2. The Cable Cast On knitting technique.
    I started off with long-tail cast on, but my year project (which I started as of two weeks ago, since I sensed the end of year coming soon haha) to knit a sweater called for a cable cast on. Thanks to Youtube and Wool and the Gang, I learned pretty quick. Here’s the free pattern for those interested.
  3. Neighborhood butchers are really friendly.
    You just have to ask them about “The Art of Fermentation” book they’re reading, and they’ll give you samples of the secret stashes of kimchi (literally a gigantic bucket full of it), fermented cantaloupe chili sauce and pickles they have in the back (also where they store their whole pig carcasses LOL)
  4. Farm fresh eggs taste different from regular ones. They actually have taste.
  5. Mendeley is a life saver. When you’re writing a literature review and need to cite endlessly.
  6. I love systems, rhythms and routines.
  7. Mamie Clafoutis has the BEST croissants (also other pastries), and has become my new favorite place to work (spent two whole days there just this past week – featured below, left)
  8. That there is a specific word for coffee grains in French: les marcs de café. I was giving a DIY beauty workshop at my art cooperative (featured below, right)

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