Hi there! I’m Vivienne and it’s nice to meet you.

I am a beauty-hunter, one who looks for it in the most unexpected places, because that’s where I believe He hides His greatest treasures. I’ve been called a romantic, an idealist – and I see the truth in it: I always believe there is more good to people than they let on, and fight to believe that we weren’t supposed to drag through life with weary hearts. 

I like to write from liminal space, the grey area, the ill-defined margin. Growing up in Singapore and immigrating to Canada as a teenager, but being Chinese and then actually going to China for two years after graduating from college in the States, I sometimes find myself in this cultural no-mans-land, and so I like to write about the intersection of cultures. I think often about the blurry boundary between art and science, being both an engineering PhD student and a creative at heart, and then also science and faith. I think about how to be intellectual and faith-filled at the same time, how they really aren’t mutually exclusive as many think they are. But mostly, I write about living bold, authentic and free in daily life, not that I have it down but I write about the journey – one that I hope encourages you.

I also write on behalf of those in the margins – those who are pushed aside, left out – perhaps because they are introverted, or nerdy, or don’t have a family. I want to share my experiences of not feeling like I belonged, but how that gave me the invaluable gift of compassion – for the lonely, for the fatherless and for those who feel lost on this journey.

Apart from writing and heart-to-hearts, I find much joy in getting lost in a library surrounded by books, 85% organic dark chocolate, a good game of tennis and Lectio Divina in the quietness of the early morning.

So, welcome in here, fellow hunter of beauty in the margins, I hope you find what you are looking for 🙂 



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